Blog 11: Thank You from Quantum1™

Thank you…Claudia Winkleman for bringing CBD (CannaBiDiol) to the UK’s living-room with her TV advert, making people aware about the benefits of CBD.
Quantum1™ CBD was founded in 2018 and a UK independent Company that has extensively researched and sourced its products using UK growers and UK laboratories to certify the quality of CBD, making sure it's delivered below the THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) levels and with high quality CDB.

The US CBD sales exceed $10bn, the legalisation of Cannabis across many States has helped. The knowledge base is forever growing and Data about the benefits of CBD become extensively reported from reliable Institutions.
At Quantum1™ we pride ourselves on transparency of our products and honesty in our reporting (CBD may not work for everyone please read previous blogs) building trust with our Customers and helping with their journey. The Corporate players see CBD as a new FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) all about the turn-over and not the individual.

We couldn’t do a blog without giving you more information about this wonderful plant: CBD stops your body from absorbing Anandamide out of your blood stream which is associated with regulating pain, increased level of Anandamide in the blood stream may reduce the amount of pain you feel and limit inflammation in the brain and nervous system, that may help those experiencing pain. CBD is a very exciting product that has been suppressed and is now on resurgence and that can only be a good thing.

Please email us at Quantum1™ CBD if you have any question we will be happy to help.
Have a great weekend.