Blog 10 Quantum1™ where it began and why we are passionate about CBD.

My first experience was back in 2016, my Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s; I am a lover of the NHS especially the care my Dad received during his battle with Prostate Cancer, however our local hospital did not have a specialist Parkinson’s doctor but only a very busy nurse, not surprisingly Mum felt neglected and uncertain at what the future held for her, she eventually decided to seek a private consultation which she could ill-afford but  it resulted in a proper diagnosis and advice for the appropriate treatment. Sometimes it’s not advisable to Google every ailment as conflicting reports can make you more anxious. There continues to be breakthroughs in Parkinson’s research but still no cure, it is a long term illness which can be contained, but in my experience it is very debilitating especially for my Mum.
Soon after an article appeared in a national paper about the benefits of CBD which I decided to explore. Please read the previous blogs that cover the history of Cannabis (short version), the benefits and potential effects etc.
King’s College London is in a world first clinical trial, researchers will test whether Cannabidiol (CBD) can treat Parkinson’s psychosis symptoms with the help of the Virtual Biotech. ‘’Current treatments for psychosis work by blocking dopamine receptors in the brain, which can make other symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as a tremor, worse. What's exciting about Cannabidiol is that it seems to act in a different way without causing any other side effects. However, the clinical trial will investigate how accurate this is for people with Parkinson's.’’ You can read the whole article at: there is still a long way to go but it’s an encouraging start.
The mind boggles to what CBD is capable of we at Quantum1™ feel it is just the beginning for this controversial plant.

Questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking of using CBD
Does the brand make third-party test results available?
Yes Quantum1™ is proud to show our UK laboratory certification
Make sure it’s actually CBD oil.
Quantum1™ displays all the ingredients on the packaging
Make sure the brand is using safely-grown Sativa L.
Organically UK farmed under strict guidelines no pesticides and GMO free
Make sure they’re not promising anything sleazy.
Quantum1™ delivers transparency (please read previous blogs)
Read reviews about the company.
A catch 22 for Quantum1™ as a start up our reviews are limited as we build our reputation
Make sure it’s the type of CBD Product you want.
Quantum1™ most popular product is the Oil 500mg & 1000mg.
Make sure the CBD oil is in your price range.
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My Mum is coping well with the new medication prescribed by her new Parkinson’s doctor on the NHS, however she uses the Oil externally for her joints and skin and thankfully is getting great results. Quantum1™ will update  further on the success of trials completed by King’s College London going forward.