• Blog 8: After Effects/Side Effects/Withdrawal

    Quantum 1™ is a big advocate of the benefits of CBD but feel that both sides of the story have to be told so everyone can have a better understanding and use our products safely.
  • Daily Dosage Blog 7

    There have been studies especially in the US regarding Cows grazing on the hemp plant and is it possible that CBD and even THC could find its way into the food chain. It has been said pre the ban in 1937 farmers allowed their livestock to eat wild hemp. 
  • COVID Insomnia: Blog 6

    One piece of data that has pricked the ears of Quantum 1™ is COVID insomnia!
  • Transparency of CBD Blog 5

    Transparency in the CBD market: Quantum1cbd has been researching CBD and its diverse products range since our Canadian cousins legalised the cannab...
  • Brief History of CBD Blog 4

    Nearly a Century cannabis has been outlawed in much of the world; but a new cannabis revolution is upon us. Once again the cannabis plant is being ...
  • Brief History of CBD Blog 3

    Making its way to England as a treatment for rheumatism and convulsions, cannabis oil soon became popular as a go-to cure for various ailments such as migraines, nausea, sleep, coughs, fever as well as many others. It remained available to the Western world into the 1940’s....
  • Brief History of CBD Blog 2

    In the modern era, cannabis made its way to the new world of the Americas. Although initially only hemp was cultivated for the textile industry, ca...
  • Brief History of CBD Blog 1

    Quick History of CBD Blog 1:
    To understand the history of CBD we have to go back to the beginning, some say as far as 15,000 years ago when first discovered by man...